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  • What is the difference between Private and Public on the site? or how to change.
    For starters I will tell you that when you register your profile automatically becomes "Private" ie no one of the other members knows you exist until you make your profile "Public". Private: You can't be called or chat, join groups or forums etc. It's like you don't exist for any of the members. Public: You can chat in public (laughs) join groups, comment on photos etc. That's it, if you have any further questions, get in touch. WANT TO CHANGE YOUR PROFILE TO PUBLIC?CLICK HERE!
  • Can I cancel notifications?
    Yes! Very easy use your member area to disable your notifications which you want to stay away from lol follow the link below: Notifications ( There you can customize which notifications you want to disable or keep :)
  • What are the site's policies and privacy etc?
    Well, I'm not a professional to create a giant text just to say a few things! But if you want, below there are some texts that I created to help with this: Terms and Privacy The terms were created with great care and dedication so that you understand how we collect, use and save your data.
  • I lost my password I can't login
    Well, just below the login button you have the option to reset the password, of course the email will only arrive if it is a valid email, if you have not entered a correct email or entered a fake one we cannot help. I'm sorry.
  • How do I create an account without a lot of data?
    You're in luck because on my website you can use your Facebook and Google account to log in or just create a very simple email and password! Create Now ! Please understand that using an invalid email address means that you will not receive your password recovery, it is not mandatory but if you lose your password without a valid email we cannot help you.
  • How do I leave the site?
    If you choose to want to delete your data or remove yourself as a member, we can do it for you, just ask us either by CHAT, or via email is very easy, see our privacy terms at the bottom of the page.< /p>
  • Where can I find the Gamer page?
    Well if you are a gamer and you are looking for games, drivers and programs, just access our Gamer Page, go to the top right menu and go to Gamer Page and that's it.
  • Which page would be about Animes?
    We have the Anime Page, which brings together all things about anime in one place for easier and faster access. Access the menu at the top right and go to Anime Page.
  • Is registration on the site safe and free of charge?
    Yes, website registration is 100% secure, all data is stored on wix and we do not have access to this data! To become a member there is no charge or payment. Be careful if someone is charging you report it to me via chat!
  • Will I have access to everything when I'm a member?
    Pretty much yes! If you are a member you can do almost 80% of the things but you have access that is restricted to low level members!
  • Is there a way to report a member?
    Yes, but you will have to prove why and what bad thing he did, taking screenshots and we will analyze all conversations very calmly, before taking action. For complaints you can use the links below: Support Report Member If you prefer, send me an email too! Email Thanks!
  • Can I flirt with another member?
    You are on a liberal site, you do what you want, of course we appreciate good people, and they will not make the site toxic, if someone reports you, you will be expelled from the site.
  • Why do I have few followers? How to earn more?
    That's a difficult answer to say, but I can give you advice on the matter... To gain more followers, you first need to organize your member profile, make it more presentable, with a beautiful photo and cover, describe yourself, earn badges and fill in the gaps that are missing to make your profile top. Another tip is...when commenting on a photo or post either on forum or groups and even in Eyesight, the probability of someone seeing you is huge , as you interact, they will see that you are available and present on the site to chat, or even you can like a comment from another member. One more cool tip...create agroup on the site and invite people to participate, create content and other things to attract attention.
  • Can I post something on the Forum?
    Yes, that's what you're there for! If you have any difficulties and need help, just post your discussion and we'll help you! The community will help you!
  • How to create and edit a group on the site?
    You can create the group on the site whenever you want, "Upon Approval", it can be created from almost anything, you can create private or public groups, disclosures are made through the member, you can invite both members and your friends "externally", sending a link to join. You can only create a group if you are a member! It is possible to modify several things in the group, from tabs, how your guests will be called and more, contact us to find out more.
  • Why the hell is the group like this?
    Depends on the second question, why didn't WIX better plan the site groups? Yes, I depend on the platform to deliver a beautiful and faithful page to users, I'm trying to create something similar to implement something decent on the site, but it may take time and until then WIX does its work.
  • Eyesight Doubts
    This page Eyesight is for members and public, members can upload photos, videos, gifs, and more for sharing with your friends and the world. Publics can view, members can download photos, tag other members, like comments, etc. Your name is visible so you know that you posted the photos so you get the credit!
  • Can I sell my photos?
    Yes, but we'll have to talk seriously, this site is growing like a hive of bees, it's just getting started. So let's stay with free images or images taken from the internet as a way to increase engagement.
  • I want more likes on my posts
    Well it's interesting to say that if you start liking other people, chances are you'll get the feedback you're hoping for, so please other members and make friends.
  • How does chat work?
    Very simple, you becoming a member can talk to other "Public" members who want to talk through chat, think that tinder here is via chat from a gamer site kkk, you can even create groups, call your friends, send files without loss of quality. The chat is extremely great and functional, it never crashes and never fails..Unless you run out of internet. kkk Well I hope you enjoy this chat to the fullest!
  • Can I send files?
    Yes, files have their maximum size, because it's a chat, of course accepting different formats but not heavy enough to send a season of Supernatural. The uploaded files are saved on WIX, it has a very limited server size so don't transfer useless stuff or viruses because it won't work. The correct and "good" files are available in your profile, so you can download again whenever you want.
  • Can I block someone?
    Look, you can, but before blocking, ask yourself why block? What could be the problem or what made you want to block? Friendship is something we like to preserve, sometimes a good chat is resolved by talking, isn't it? But go to the members area click on the 3 dots and click on "Block Member". It's pretty simple isn't it? Well I know you can more, don't block for any fight, we're all friends and we want the best! Of course if that person hurt you or said horrible things, send it to us so we'll take the proper warnings! Don't forget to take a screenshot of the bullshit ok? thanks.
  • Who created the website? Is it a team? what do you do?
    Well this one is easy to answer, I Myself "GuilliGamer" fictitious name of a nickname invented to meet the needs of hiding from the FBI, well actually because my name is Guilherme my nickname is Guilli and I joined Gamer because I'm addicted in games. Well, that name has been with me for as long as I can remember, maybe even before 2010 or before I already had this "Nick". I created the site myself and I am setting it up by myself, yes ALONE, there is no one to support or sponsor me, I myself always wanted to have a website, I myself am a developer etc. I enjoy marketing and design so putting it all together myself I do everything. At the moment I pay for the providers and domains myself, I would like the members' help one day to pay with me and unlock premium platform features. But of course I'll try to keep it. I love this site.
  • Why did you create this virtual currency for the site?
    Many games or sites already use coins or similar things as a form of entertainment to the user, I wanted to play in addition and create something manual for now, with which you can collect these Lolicoins for free and also be able to spend them, of course nothing is automated, but it is something that I will fix in the future.
  • Is there a way to buy Lolicoins?
    Yes, yes, if you're too lazy to collect for free, you can buy it by paying me hehhee, make a pix, you'll probably see that I'll ask the Virtual Porão da Moeda to make the transfer for you! For this you must of course put your email or name on Pix, anything that identifies you on the site, or via chat send the receipt. Access this link and be happy!
  • Can I collect lolicoin for free?
    Of course! That's the fun! To collect you enter IN THIS PAGE and fill in your name and age( optional) to proceed with the request. From then on, just get and complete the objectives, there are still few, but soon there will be easier and more fun things "I'm thinking". If you want to give any tips, send it to the chat there :)
  • How to spend lolicoins and what to spend?
    I'll answer first that "two points" : If you have collection you have to have a way to spend it. And what can you spend it on? simple.... Lots of things... Visit the shop there and see by yourself.
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